In the hot seat with John Martin St.Valery, Chairman of the BBG

Date Posted:Tue, 1st May 2018

In the hot seat with John Martin St.Valery, Chairman of the BBG

What has John been up to, and what has he got planned for this coming Committee year?


What inspired you to join the BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates Committee?

I joined the BBG 18 years ago to grow my own netork and learn from peers. This resulted in my ability to start, grow and sell a substantial business operation. I have variously served on the Committee over the years and last year was the time to give something back to this vibrant business community by devoting the time to lead it and, hopefully inspire necessary change.

What does your role involve?
Leading a diverse, talented and committed pro-bono committee in the execution of an agreed strategy for member benefit and to uphold our aim to be the go-to business group in the region.

Is there anything special you have been working on?

Guiding and encouraging committee experts to deliver to the plan and execute vital changes required to future proof our group in terms of delivery of tangible member benefits. I also focus strongly on the vital and unique relationship our group has with HM Government through the local Department of International Trade [DiT] team.

What’s next?

I have been given a mandate to continue to lead the group for now. My ambition is to take the group – with substantial member participation and resultant benefits – through to UAE EXPO 2020, in line with the UK/UAE reciprocal trade targets.