In the hot seat with Matthew Lewis, Director of Business Development

Date Posted:Tue, 1st May 2018

In the hot seat with Matthew Lewis,  Director of Business Development

What has Matthew been up to, and what has he got planned for this coming Committee year?


What inspired you to join the BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates Committee?

Having been a member since 2008 I was encouraged in 2015 to become the focus chair for HR. (Now Talent, Leadership and Development). Having seen the inner workings of the committee it was suggested I stand for Director Business Development in 2016. 
During that year the committee, BBG and economy faced several challenges and we had to quickly adapt both the speed and role of the committee and its direction of the BBG. In 2017 and in the BBG’s 30th Anniversary year there was a great opportunity to realign the strategy of the BBG under a new and dynamic committee during an exciting and challenging period.

What does your role involve?

As Director for Business Development the role has evolved somewhat. Initially it was to ensure that we managed and renewed our Platinum Sponsor arrangements ensuring both they and the members benefited as much as possible from the BBG. In 2017 I began looking at new revenue streams for the BBG and the 30th Anniversary allowed is to design a new Pearl Sponsor category to attract inward investment and both de risk and spread our income streams. In addition, my roles involve meeting and negotiating with 3rd parties, and potential future partners to the BBG including Dubai Chamber, DIT, the Capital Club and leveraging my significant network in Dubai. I also advice the operations team and Deputy Chairman and Chairman whilst helping deliver some internal training and being on the Remuneration Committee.

Is there anything special you have been working on?

At present we are looking at how the BBG sustains itself both in terms of revenue and relevance for the ever and rapidly evolving Dubai business landscape. Working with DIT, major free zones in Dubai, Dubai Chamber and other will allow us to not only identify new member but look at new services and offerings for the BBG membership. Even as a not for profit we aim to ensure we have a strategy that allows us to financial sustain the BBG so new revenue streams, services are essential.

What’s next?

Personally, I believe the BBG can attract and extract more value for members and the British business community. Amongst challenging times for all membership organisation the BBG is well positions with a committed and talented Committee and Ops team to ensure that we are relevant, and the go to business group for any British person, or business looking to grow in the UAE and wider region.