World Extreme Medicine's Journey to B Corp Certification: Extreme Medicine to Extreme Impact

Date Posted:Thu, 13th Jun 2024

World Extreme Medicine's Journey to B Corp Certification: Extreme Medicine to Extreme Impact

In the world of extreme medicine, where healthcare professionals are trained to deliver care in the most challenging environments, World Extreme Medicine has been pushing at boundaries since its foundation over two decades ago. Working in partnership with organisations such as NASA, University of Exeter, Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University in the U.S. and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine in Australia.


Its most recent ‘claim to fame’ is having a faculty member, Dr Mike Barratt, aboard the International Space Station!

With a mission to provide the highest quality medical education and training, the organisation has been empowering medical professionals to make a positive impact on communities around the world. World Extreme Medicine trains, supports, and informs medics working in some of the world’s remote, and at times, dangerous locations.  

Its global community of a around quarter of million experts, practitioners and instructors are all working pushing the boundaries of medicine in low resource environments. 

Now, World Extreme Medicine has taken its commitment to the next level by achieving B Corp certification, a testament to its dedication to being a force for good.

In this article, Mark Hannaford, founder of World Extreme Medicine and an expert in the field of extreme medicine, shares his organisation's journey to achieving B Corp certification. He explores the rigorous process of aligning extreme impact with extreme accountability and discusses the importance of being a purpose-driven business in today's world.

The Journey to B Corp

Becoming a certified B Corporation is no easy feat. It requires a rigorous assessment of a company's policies, practices, and impact across five key areas: workers, community, governance, customers, and the environment. For World Extreme Medicine, the journey to B Corp certification was a three-year process that involved tireless efforts from the entire team.

Mark Hannaford, founder of World Extreme Medicine, reflects on the significance of this achievement: "Achieving B Corp certification is not just a badge of honour for us; it's a reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to making a positive impact on the world. It's a way for us to hold ourselves accountable and ensure that we are always striving to be better."

The Importance of B Corp Certification

In a world where many businesses claim to be ethical and sustainable, B Corp certification stands out as a mark of genuine commitment. The certification process involves an independent assessment by B Lab's Standards Team, ensuring that only truly purpose-driven businesses are recognised.

For World Extreme Medicine, B Corp certification is a way to demonstrate its dedication to being a holistic force for good. It signifies that the organisation is not just focused on providing exceptional training but also on creating positive outcomes for its workers, the community, and the environment.

The Impact of B Corp Certification

Achieving B Corp certification is not the end of the journey for World Extreme Medicine; it's just the beginning. The organisation is committed to continuously improving its performance across all five impact areas and setting an example for others in the industry.

"Being a B Corp means that we are part of a global community of like-minded organisations who are using business as a force for good," says Hannaford. "It's an opportunity for us to collaborate, learn from each other, and collectively work towards a more sustainable and equitable future."

For World Extreme Medicine, B Corp certification is not just a recognition of its past efforts but a promise for the future. It's a commitment to pushing boundaries, both in the field of extreme medicine and in the realm of social and environmental responsibility.


World Extreme Medicine's journey to B Corp certification is a testament to the power of purpose-driven business. By aligning its mission of providing exceptional training with a commitment to positive impact, the organisation has set a new standard for the industry.

As World Extreme Medicine continues to grow and evolve, its B Corp certification will serve as a guiding light, ensuring that the organisation remains true to its values and continues to make a difference in the world. With a focus on continuous improvement and a dedication to being a force for good, World Extreme Medicine is poised to make an even greater impact in the years to come.

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Mark Hannaford