Jasani LLC: Redefining Branded Merchandise with a Focus on Sustainability

Date Posted:Tue, 11th Jun 2024

Jasani LLC: Redefining Branded Merchandise with a Focus on Sustainability

Jasani LLC, the premier corporate gift supplier in the Middle East, has been a proud member of the British Chamber of Commerce Dubai (BCCD) since May 2023. With a dedicated mission to revolutionise the perception of branded merchandise and sustainability, Jasani has transformed the market's approach to eco-friendly products.


A New Era of Sustainable Merchandise

Historically, the merchandise industry has been plagued by poor sustainability practices, characterised by the distribution of low-quality items made from virgin plastic and other environmentally harmful materials. These products often end up in landfills, contributing to environmental degradation.

Jasani has taken a stand against this narrative, embarking on a mission to shift the industry's focus towards sustainability. Their commitment has not gone unnoticed, earning them consecutive wins at the Gulf Sustainability Awards for Best CSR Initiative in the past two years.

The CHANGE Collection

Jasani’s CHANGE Collection is a testament to their dedication to sustainability. This innovative product line aims to replace all virgin materials with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certified recycled content. 

The use of recycled content at the mills is meticulously checked by employing third-party certification bodies like Intertek and SGS to verify the sustainability of each order. This rigorous process ensures that every product meets genuine sustainability claims, avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing.

For example, Jasani transparently discloses that producing a single wash bag from the CHANGE Collection saves six plastic bottles and ten liters of water. This radical transparency, backed by certified third-party validation, guarantees that products have a measurable positive impact on the environment.

Social Impact

The CHANGE Collection is not just about sustainability; it also makes a significant social impact. Jasani pledges to donate 3% of sales to Water.org, an organisation dedicated to providing safe access to clean water worldwide. 

Through this initiative, Jasani has supported over 13,000 individuals with lifetime access to clean water, and this number continues to grow, reflecting their ongoing commitment to making a tangible difference in communities around the globe.

Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability

In addition to the CHANGE Collection, Jasani has strategically partnered with world-leading brands renowned for their sustainability efforts, such as Ocean Bottle.

Ocean Bottle is a remarkable product designed to combat ocean plastic pollution. For every Ocean Bottle sold, the company funds the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles through its extensive network of over 6,000 plastic collectors worldwide. These collectors, often from coastal communities, receive wages that are 40% higher than Fair Trade standards, supporting their livelihoods while incentivising plastic collection.

Ocean Bottle also contributes to the circular economy by converting collected plastic into recycled products like the Ocean Bottle itself, which contains 69% recycled content by weight. 

Sustainability Credentials

Jasani Group's commitment to sustainability and CSR is clear in their proactive engagement with reputable agencies and independent audits. Annually, Jasani reports its sustainability performance to ecoVadis, a leading platform for CSR ratings, and undergoes a Sedex SMETA Pillar IV audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, covering all aspects of CSR. They openly share audit reports with clients for full transparency and accountability.

Since 2021, Jasani Group has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact, affirming its commitment to aligning operations with ten universally accepted principles in human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Additionally, Jasani conducts an annual assessment focused on sustainable products, procurement practices, and workplace sustainability, continuously enhancing their sustainability practices.


Jasani LLC is dedicated to leading the sustainability movement in the Middle East through their innovative eco-friendly products, social impact initiatives and rigorous sustainability practices.

To learn more about Jasani’s sustainability efforts and how their product offerings can complement your ESG marketing efforts, please contact Garry Holland at garry@jasani.ae. Garry would be delighted to host you at the Jasani Showroom in Business Bay, where you can explore their wide range of sustainable products.