Working smarter with AI

Date Posted:Tue, 28th May 2024

Working smarter with AI


If you feel perpetually busy, say AI.

With quarters to plan out and that ever-reliable stream of emails flowing in, Olympic-level juggling deserves its place on every modern professional’s CV.

And while responsible resting (essentially being accountable for yourself and taking a healthy number of breaks during the day) and out-of-inbox getaways can help replenish your creative batteries, there’s more you can do to lighten your load.

Streamlining strategy sessions

Clogged calendars and tight timelines? Rather than pulling together your busy leadership team, bounce ideas off ChatGPT (or your AI platform of choice) first. 

With its vast knowledge - being trained on 570GB of data sets - it’s a font of fresh perspectives. To better imagine the depth of its training, picture yourself reading and absorbing 380 million pages of information in a Word document.

Or if you’ve been staring at a blank page for too long, and the influx of ideas seems to have dried up, try reverse brainstorming with AI instead. Feed it your desired results and watch the suggested solutions manifest, all at lightning speed. 

Admin? Automate it.

If you have a virtual assistant who helps keep your world in good order, feel free to skip this paragraph. If you don’t, you might want to try this out later. 

One of the key takeaways from Asana’s The Anatomy of Work Index is that “the majority of employees’ time (60%) is spent on work about work, almost twice the amount they believe they’re spending on it (35%)”. You don’t want this to be you.

So give your busy brain a well-deserved break and let AI handle those repetitive tasks that always creep up on your to-do list. It can adeptly handle everything from crunching numbers and organising data to light bookkeeping and beyond.

Simplified systems and operations

As your business expands - policies, workflows, and standard operating procedures tend to get complex and convoluted. If you and your team have hit the ground running, consider slowing down and taking a closer look at your systems. 

Analytic thinking is one of AI’s key strengths, so it can help spot and overcome an inefficiency that could be costing you and your team quite some time (or money). 

AI is already a hit with some businesses, with 56% of them using AI to refine business operations and 30% of them turning to AI for accounting and supply chain support.

Bridge briefing gaps

Have you had your client head-scratcher of the week yet?

Just like you, clients juggle busy schedules with their drive to do more.

As a consequence, clarity and key briefing details can slip through the cracks.

Instead of injecting delays into the timeline and panicking the project manager, try solving the puzzle with AI. In 2023, ChatGPT received a staggering 10 million queries per day. So list out your burning questions, and fire away in 2024.

When you’ve quality-checked its input, reconfirm the brief with your client.

Rosa Bullock, SOCIATE Founder & CEO: “These are extremely busy times. Work can be demanding and deadlines can be tight, so digital agility is key. Our team at SOCIATE are marketing multitaskers, partnering with AI and a host of other digital tools to stay productive and creative, all while delivering to our clients.”

Stay mindful of cyber-safety

Like with any digital platform, privacy and security should remain front-of-mind. 

AI relies on huge amounts of data, which can sometimes include sensitive personal information. Data breaches and unauthorised access are not uncommon. This is also the case with ecommerce websites, email accounts, and social media accounts.

So remember to do your due diligence - read the terms and conditions, check and make sure you understand your AI tools’ settings, and set a strong password.

Always done things on your own, and just not sure about AI? 

Don't let your inner critic bully you into thinking you're being inauthentic by using AI for support. As long as you're working with it, the possibilities are endless.

AI is good for a lot. But remember human instinct is in a league of its own.

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