Liquid of Life: Embracing the purity of Filtered Water

Date Posted:Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Liquid of Life: Embracing the purity of Filtered Water

With roughly 8 million tons of plastic ending up in the ocean every year, single use plastics, including bottled water, remain a significant environmental concern globally


Rukhsana Kausar, a visionary founder, established Liquid of Life in Dubai in 2009 which was based on the principles of sustainability and innovation.  She believes that although we can have a negative impact on the environment, our individual choices and willingness to change will make a positive difference. 

Liquid of Life offers innovative filtered drinking water solutions for businesses, families and communities to access clean, sustainable drinking water without the environmental toll associated with traditional bottled water consumption. They have also created unique activations to encourage a culture of water refilling through various events including the prestigious Dubai Desert Classic and also helped to launch the Dubai Can initiative in February 2022 with the implementation of 50 public drinking water fountains across Dubai. 

Over the past 15 years they have helped more than 4000 households and over 300 corporate entities switch to filtered water, providing them access to better quality drinking water and saving them money in the process.

Furthermore, Liquid of Life has significantly reduced the carbon footprint associated with bottled water consumption and saving thousands of tons of plastic waste from polluting our planet. The company's efforts align with numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production.

Liquid of Life remains at the forefront of promoting water conservation and responsible consumption and were also the first company in the UAE to implement a zero landfill policy, ensuring that all used filters are recycled. 

Some of their UAE corporate customers include Emaar, Aldar, Dubai Metro, Etihad Airways, British Embassy (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) and more recently Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence. 

In Rukhsana’s words “I remain profoundly aware of the impact our choices have on the planet. Our mission transcends mere business objectives; it's about pioneering a movement towards environmental stewardship through the adoption of filtered drinking water and other sustainable solutions. I want to continue to create a legacy of positive change, proving that responsibility, innovation and financial prosperity can flow in harmony”

As Liquid of Life continues to expand its reach and impact, its story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for sustainable innovation. Through dedication and visionary leadership, Rukhsana Kausar and her team are not just providing a product but are fostering a movement towards a more sustainable and water-wise world.

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