How to Become a World Class Manager - Review

Date Posted:Wed, 24th May 2023

How to Become a World Class Manager - Review

Members of the BBG and guests were treated to 90 minutes of insights and expertise from Wayne Clarke founder of The Global Growth Institute and author of “How to Become a World Class Manager” published by BBG Member Kogan Page


From “studying managers in the wild” in MNCs, SMEs and NGOs, Wayne was able to share a variety of case studies of management styles and can pin point great leadership traits.

Wayne shared examples of great leaders that score the highest possible scores

“Great leadership leverages the intelligence of their workforce leading to greater productivity”

Wayne also shared startling statistics from employee engagement surveys of how disengaged and burnt out many middle managers are; not aligned or even aware of the strategic objectives at c-suite level and yet expected to cascade ‘a vision’ throughout the organisation and to clients!

With “middle management key for scale and investment” it’s in the c-suites’ best interest to ensure management is effective - hiring, training and retaining managers who listen, have self-awareness and are responsive.

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