BBG Launches BBG Connect App (Members Only)

Date Posted:Thu, 4th May 2023

BBG Launches BBG Connect App (Members Only)

As part of our digital transformation set out and committed to at last year’s AGM by BBG Chair Andrew Mortimer we are proud to announce the launch of our BBG App - BBG Connect!!


BBG Connect has been designed for our members by our members. Our thanks to the select group of members who have been integral to the design and testing and to BBG Member 2Viz who was selected as our app developer. Oliver Turnbull and his team at 2Viz have been exceptional from start to launch – with next versions already in draft. Thanks also to BBG Board Director for Technology Robert Kew for his expertise and guidance through to launching.


What to do now:

1. Download BBG Connect app:




2. Open the app and select 'Request Access'

3. Complete the access request form and press 'next' to complete your app profile and password settings clicking 'submit' once completed. 

4. Access will be granted promptly by the BBG team and 2Viz developers and you will recieve a confirmation email.

5. Once logged in, opt in to recieve requests from other members - this will be a gradual process as members become familiar with the app. 

6. Please email with any issues 


The app will need some time to bed down as members download the app, request access, log in and opt in but the business team will be encouraging adaption through our e-newsletter and at events.


Please see this short video tutorial so that you know the current functionality - including job postings, event booking and member to member contact.


The Business Team will be able to monitor usage and would encourage everyone to ensure all contact is useful and thoughtful to their recipient.