Necessary to Visionary

Date Posted:Fri, 24th Mar 2023

Necessary to Visionary

Business is like flying a plane. You take off and experience great success, climbing up and up towards your goals. You bring on a few team members, find new markets and it’s exciting. Then comes the turbulence or instability as the enterprise continues to gain speed and pockets of pressure surprise you. You realise your foundation is not as strong as it needs to be for this next step in the market, you’re very much just the manager of this company as if it were your job.


This is the plateau most businesses reach, that 30,000ft ceiling they struggle to push through as the visionary founder is no longer giving that creativity to the journey.


It’s good to remember that ‘what got you here, won’t get you there’ when thinking about how the business is growing.


As a business owner, you likely started your company with a clear vision of what you wanted to achieve. Perhaps you had a unique idea, a passion for a particular industry, or a desire to solve a problem in the marketplace. However, as your business grows, it can be easy to become bogged down in day-to-day operations and lose sight of that vision and indeed your unique insight into how you were going to scale up.


As Richard Branson famously said “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers, it’s as simple as that”. I further this by saying, you also need to look after yourself, remove yourself as an ‘employee’ and charge through the blockers when transitioning from a boutique to a performance business.


This is where the concept of becoming a visionary comes in. A visionary founder is someone who is able to step back from the day-to-day operations of their company and focus on the bigger picture. They are able to see where the company is headed and develop a strategic plan to get there. Of course, you need to be experiencing some success to do this and to attract investors or exit one day, this is a great first step to levelling up your enterprise and standing out from the field.


This is so much easier said than done, and what is wilder is the fact that the less work you do ‘on the tools’ as a founder, the more money the company will make, the more you can focus on your own wellness and the happier you will be overall. 


There are several reasons why every business owner should strive to become a visionary:


  1. Increased revenue: By focusing on the big picture, a visionary business owner is able to identify new revenue streams and growth opportunities. They are able to develop a strategic plan that will drive revenue growth and increase profits.

  2. More attractive to investors: Investors are looking for companies that have a clear vision and a strategic plan for growth. By becoming a visionary business owner, you can make your company more attractive to investors, which can help you secure funding for future growth.

  3. Better work-life balance: Running a business can be all-consuming, but by becoming a visionary, you can free up time and reduce stress. By delegating day-to-day tasks to others, you can focus on the bigger picture and enjoy a better work-life balance.


So, how can you become a visionary business owner? Have you thought about making a SHIFT to streamline your operations and focus on growth. Here’s a breakdown of the SHIFT:


  • Streamline operations: By streamlining your operations, you can reduce inefficiencies and free up time to focus on growth. This might involve automating processes, outsourcing tasks, or developing standard operating procedures.

  • Holistic growth strategy: A holistic growth strategy takes into account all aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, operations, and customer experience. By developing a holistic growth strategy, you can ensure that your efforts are focused on the areas that will drive the most growth.

  • Invest in leadership: As you delegate tasks and free up time, it’s important to invest in leadership development. This might involve hiring a new team member, providing training to existing team members, or developing a leadership development plan.

  • Focus on customer experience: Customer experience is critical to the success of any business. By focusing on the customer experience, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can drive revenue growth.

  • Track progress and results: To ensure that your efforts are paying off, it’s important to track progress and results. This might involve setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking them on a regular basis.


By following the SHIFT methodology, you can become a visionary business owner and drive growth for your company. So, if you’re feeling stuck in the day-to-day operations of your business, consider making the shift to become a visionary. It might just be the key to unlocking your company’s full potential.