What Happens After Expo 2020? BCB Shares Information on District 2020

Date Posted:Thu, 4th Nov 2021

What Happens After Expo 2020? BCB Shares Information on District 2020

Many of our BBG Members have asked the question “what happens after Expo?” in response to seeing the scale and structure of the Expo site. We asked BBG Member British Centres for Business to share the District 2020 overview, which provides additional information on what Expo 2020’s legacy project entails and has to offer companies interested in setting up an office in the UAE.


 From incredible architectural pavilion designs to 200k gold used in the world’s largest Holy Quran, Expo 2020 Dubai is delivering on its word of ‘Creating Minds, Creating the Future’.

But what does life after Expo 2020 (1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022) look like one may ask? Well, many companies including Siemens, DP World, Terminus Group, Atlas Capital Holding, are some of the companies already planning to set-up their R&D & tech presence within District 2020, the legacy project of Expo 2020 Dubai and Dubai’s news smart city of the future.

 District 2020 it is a sustainable mixed-use community built with human centricity at its core and will contribute to the growth of Dubai’s innovation economy. The smart innovation hub will foster cross-industry collaborations, where companies of all sizes operating across key growth industries of construction & smart cities, education, digital health, smart mobility & logistics and technology (AI, Blockchain, Big Data & IoT) can innovate and develop their activities & operations further.

Continuing with the Expo 2020 Dubai theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, more than 80% of the buildings and infrastructure, including digital infrastructure built for Expo 2020 Dubai will be inherited by District 2020.

 As the vision for District 2020 reflects Expo 2020 Dubai’s themes of Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility, the LEED Gold certified area is complete with a 45,900 sq m parkland, 10km of cycling tracks, 5km of jogging tracks, the Dubai Exhibition Centre and the Children & Science Centre, providing a work and lifestyle environment that will constantly evolve to cater to the changing needs of its future workers and residents.

 For UK firms planning to expand and develop their R&D & tech operations in the region, District 2020 offers the right solution and destination to be part of an innovative ecosystem, where opportunities for further collaborations with other leading pioneering companies within the tech space are endless.

Companies of interest ideally should operate or have some sort of activity within digital healthcare, smart mobility & logistics, smart cities, education and technology (AI, Big data, Data analytics, Blockchain, IoT etc). In regards to source countries, District 2020 is open to all countries globally.

 District 2020 also offers a Scale2Dubai programme, ideally suited for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs looking to get started in the UAE. Applications are open for this programme and there’s still time for companies apropos for this to submit their application - https://www.district2020.ae/scale2dubai/

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