Rouse Consultancy in Dubai launched a new online IP asset management toolkit

Date Posted:Sun, 3rd Nov 2019

Rouse Consultancy in Dubai launched a new online IP asset management toolkit

Developed exclusively for the UAE, an online IP asset management tool from Rouse


Rouse Consultancy in Dubai recently launched a new online IP asset management toolkit designed to help organisations of all sizes in the United Arab Emirates quickly identify, manage and unlock the untapped value of their intangible assets.

The Rouse Online Toolkit is powered by Inngot, the innovative web-based platform specialising in the identification and valuation of intangible assets.

It is intuitive, easy-to-navigate and takes a comprehensive view of intangible assets, covering trade secrets, contracts, know-how, as well as traditional forms of IP such as trade marks and patents.

The Toolkit is ground breaking having been specifically customised to the needs of businesses operating in the UAE where the IP legal and regulatory landscape differs markedly from other legal systems. A user profile is quick to build within the Rouse Online IP Toolkit using a series of interactive drop down menus.

As soon as the user profile is created two reports are automatically generated. The first provides an ‘Intangible Asset Inventory’ which identifies all of the user’s intangible assets and organises them into six discrete categories. The second report, a bespoke interactive checklist, highlights the key risks and opportunities surrounding each of those assets and provides tips specifically customised to the UAE market.

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